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New update in our blog by our Data Scientist Head Daniel Bestard.

After introducing you to Apache YARN in our post Introduction to Apache YARN, we highlighted that only the surface of this cluster manager had been scratched. So we owed you a more in depth explanation of this tool.
The goal of this new article First Steps With Apache YARN Customization is to introduce you to a more advanced configuration setting that will allow you to improve YARN’s performance.

The full article follows:

AI Services

Understanding and modelling the underlying patterns that are present in data provides a great competitive advantage to companies since, not only more correct strategic decisions are made, but these decisions are executed practically in real time due to the automation of these processes.

At Damavis, we offer different Artificial Intelligence services:

  1. Customer segmentation: Knowing which segment a customer belongs to, allows our clients to optimize the performance of marketing strategies by making possible to offer customers exactly what they need.
  2. Search of optimal paths: We solve problems related to the search of optimal paths in complex systems by applying graph theory through the use of specific database technologies such as Neo4j or ArangoDB.
  3. Record Linkage: We create relationships of the records that lack unique identifier between the different data sources, using probabilistic methodologies of Record Linkage or Machine Learning.
  4. Time series prediction: We are able to model any type of time series that has an implicit pattern, such as predicting product demands, prices or cash flows, using classic statistical techniques.
  5. Conversion probability estimation: We can estimate the probability of purchasing a product in a particular context using advanced classification algorithms. Something very valuable in terms of eCommerce, where knowing how much to bet on a product determines the profitability of an online marketing policy.
  6. Pricing optimization: We develop intelligent algorithms for our clients that are able to understand the market context and change the price dynamically and automatically, thus increasing the speed of reaction to market changes and therefore their competitiveness.
  7. Text analysis: We provide companies with a key source of information for strategic decision making through accurate and automatic text analysis of, for example, customer opinions on Social Networks.
  8. Recommendation Systems: We personalize to the maximum the recommendation systems of the companies so that they know when and what to offer to their customers in a personalized and effective way.
  9. Image recognition: We offer a more effective, fast and economical alternative for companies that process images or videos manually training artificial intelligence models according to the context of our customers in order to provide the highest possible accuracy.

These are some of the services we offer. You can contact us for more information, tell us about your project and find out what we can do for you!

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During the week we share the most interesting news from the world of big data and artificial intelligence on our social networks: TwitterFacebookInstagram and Linkedin

Alzheimer’s disease classification through artificial intelligence

Using an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) framework based on game theory (known as generative adversarial network or GAN), Kolachalama and his team processed brain images(some low and high quality) to generate a model that was able to classify Alzheimer’s disease with improved accuracy.

Faster fusion reactor calculations thanks to AI

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2021

In order to give readers a pulse on important new trends leading into next year, insideBIGDATA has researched across the vendor ecosystem to get insights, reflections and predictions for what may be coming.
Even if only half actually come true, Big Data in the next year is destined to be quite an exciting ride. Enjoy the full article Big Data Industry Predictions for 2021.

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So this was the summary of week 14 of this 2021. See you in networks!

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