Damavis Summary of week 9, 2021

Compilation of the news and news shared this week in our networks

Compilation of the news and news shared this week in our networks

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New update in our blog by our Data Scientist Head Daniel Bestard.

In Introduction to Apache YARN we guide you in how to configure Apache YARN to execute parallel jobs

In our previous post, Introduction to Apache Hadoop, we explained that Hadoop consists of different components amongst which we want to highlight HDFSMapReduce and YARN. Simplifying and recalling from the post, HDFS is a distributed file system, MapReduce is a distributed computing engine and YARN is the manager that determines how MapReduce jobs are executed across the cluster.

We set up a HDFS, but no parallel jobs were able to be executed because Apache YARN was not configured, which means that no MapReduce could take place. So that’s what we do in this new post Introduction to Apache Yarn!

Digital Transformation and Data Driven

Despite the uncertainty in the world, our clients continue to trust us and our results.

At Damavis we place great importance on quality, not only in our service, but also in the way we deal with our clients. Working side by side and showing transparency in explaining the progress of our projects is essential to maintain trust.

Our customers have already experienced the digital transition and now see their business through the lens of data rather than the lens of process. At this point, the data has made it clear that people matter and that the customer experience matters.

Raw data alone does not generate information to drive business growth; it is the extensive analysis of that data, drawing solid conclusions, and extending the tactical value of the data to also strategic worth, that creates true value. And this is where Damavis brings the most insight: we are experts in Data Driven: decision making based on what the data says.

Latest News

Data Science Vs Business Intelligence, Explained

Defining the terms data science and business intelligence, and the relationship between them, has long been the subject of heated debate. Although these terms are related, failing to grasp the separate and distinct concepts behind them can have significant consequences.

Stan Pugsley, Data Warehouse and Analytics Consultant, has written this interesting post explaining the difference between the two concepts: Data Science Vs Business Intelligence, Explained.

26 of the Most Important Concepts About Data Science

To learn Data Science takes time. There are many concepts and practices one must know first before even taking a slice.

Using the letters of the alphabet, Christopher Zita from Better Programming is briefly going over 26 of the most important concepts in data science.

So this was the summary of week 9 of this 2021. See you in networks!

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