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Simple perceptron, machine learning at airports, and the artificial intelligence act

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New update in our blog by our Data Scientist Gabriel Garau.

Following the past post Simple Perceptron: Mathematical Definition and Properties written by the same author, this time we expose an example Python implementation of the simple perceptron.

You can read the full article below:

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Machine Learning at Airports

Airport arrivals inflow management optimized with Machine Learning: This article focuses on the number of operations that a provider is able to manage in the final sector feeding the arrivals of an airfield with two parallel runways operating mostly under a segregated use mode (i.e. having more than one runway and no need to comply with lateral separations when two aircraft approach simultaneously to both runways).

You can read the full article (in spanish) at the following link: Airport Arrivals Inflow Management Optimized with Machine Learning

Image from hispaviacion.com

Artificial Intelligence Act

The Commission proposes the first legal framework on AI, which addresses the risks of AI and puts Europe in a leading position globally.

The Artificial Intelligence Act prohibits the use of AI systems that are considered a clear threat to security, livelihoods and the rights of individuals, such as systems designed to manipulate human behavior through subliminal techniques and systems that allow the government to conduct “social scores” that result in unfavorable treatment.

The proposal also creates a European Artificial Intelligence Council composed of representatives of EU Member States and the Commission, which would facilitate a harmonized implementation of the Artificial Intelligence Act, advise the Commission and share best practices among EU Member States. If adopted by the European Parliament and the Council, the Artificial Intelligence Act would apply directly across the EU.

The value of sustainability

One of the values we defend at Damavis is sustainability. And it is always a pleasure to share it with our customers. Taking advantage of its 45th anniversary, we would like to introduce you to one of them.

Below you can read more about their social work and responsibility towards sustainability (spanish article) www.camper.com/sostenibilidad

We also leave you the link to the news of their anniversary, where their story is explained:

The STOP Project (Suicide Prevention in Social Platforms)

The project analyzes patterns of suicidal behavior on Twitter thanks to the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with an 85% accuracy rate

You can read more about it here: www.upf.edu/STOP-project

Here is the video interview (in Spanish) with Ana Freire, researcher at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) who leads this project


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