Team Building in Damavis: Paintball and Warriors

Being a hard working team that develops great projects is not incompatible with the possibility of organizing different and fun activities to promote a good working environment. 

At Damavis we put this into practice by having the whole team, which remotely works from different parts of Spain, meet a couple of times a year to participate in different events with the aim of team building.

Whether it is with training days or through adventure activities and a more playful nature, these two or three-day meetings are the way in which Damavis disconnects from the daily routine while we take advantage of the time we spend together to get to know each other better and to reinforce the bonds between us. 

Paintball to improve communication and leadership

On this occasion, we decided to enjoy two leisure activities with Mallorca Paintball

We started the day with an exciting game of paintball where the competition was fierce and relentless, but also full of laughter and fellowship. We divided into two groups and faced each other in a field full of obstacles, strategies and lots of adrenaline. A great way to work as a team and strengthen our communication and leadership skills.

The way of the warrior

After the paintball battle, we headed to a challenging Warriors course: a bunch of inflatable water mattresses that made each obstacle even more fun and challenging. 

We jumped, ran and fell (a lot), but most importantly, we supported each other every step of the way.

After all the activities and to regain strength, we enjoyed a group lunch and celebrated the anniversary of some members of the team in the company.

We invite you to watch the video summary of the day on our Youtube channel:


Once again, it has been demonstrated how positive it is for our team to organize this type of team building events to be able to disconnect, release stress and recharge energies.

Thanks to all the Damavis team for making it possible. We are going home very tired, but very happy 🙂

See you next time! 

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Laura Rodríguez
Laura Rodríguez
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