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New article in our blog with the interview conducted by the program La gran vida of IB3 Ràdio to David Martín, CEO of Damavis

“Today, all comanies, all lof them, have an enormous volume of data. But what is happening? Most of them, on one hand, are not aware of the data they handle; and on the other hand and most important, of the importance of that data. This data is not used, or it is not used correctly, and it gets lost, and we are experts in that: one, that they do not get lost; and two, in what to do with that data to improve my company, either by having better profits, offering a better product to the customer, lowering production costs… and this applies to all segments, all areas, that is, here it does not matter if we are talking about a shoe store, a hotel or a bakery chain, that is, it applies to all segments”.

“Every company needs data scientists, data engineers, our main technology rols. But why do they call us? Because we know how to do that part, I mean, not only are we very good technicians, but we’re also able to: one, understand the business. And two: convert that question into something technological that has an answer and provides value. The use of data is an everyday thing, many companies do it. Now, taking advantage of it or asking the right question to have the answer that really brings value to the customer, that makes your sales improve, your expenses reduce or your customers have better treatment, that is what brings value and that is the reason why we have proyects”.

You can read the full article below:

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Damavis will be at Connect’Up 2021

The initiative to promote Balearic entrepreneurship celebrates this year its fourth edition in which David Martin, CEO of Damavis, will be one of the mentors who will put his experience and knoledge at the service of innovative ideas.

Read the full article in Ultima Hora.

Top 8 alternatives to MLFlow

We have shared an interesting news story about Machine Learning and the paradigms that exist in terms of the Machine Learning lifecycle. In this way, MLFlow is a great option for many data scientists but what other alternative are there? Find it out by Reading the Analytics India Magazine article.

Pentaho PDI plugin for AirFlow

We remembered how to schedule, orchestrate and monitor your Kettle tasks with a Pentaho plugin for Airflow in this article from our blog:

Coming soon

Next week, we will explain SOLID principles with simple Python examples in a post. In the meantime, you can stop by our blog to check all the available articles or read the summary of week 40 in case you missed it.

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