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New update in our blog by our Data Scientist Gabriel Garau.

In the article Simple Perceptron: Mathematical Definition and Properties we discuss, in addition to what its title indicates, one of the most common problems in the world of data science: predicting the value of certain variables from other variables.
Classification and regression problems are the two main classes of supervised machine learning, of which there are a wide variety of models that address both classification and regression problems. However, most of these algorithms have limitations in solving problems where the data structure is relatively complex.
To solve complex problems, a set of models with a common structure have been developed and popularised in recent decades: artificial neural networks.

The full article follows:

Damavis Team

Yesterday was International Fun at Work Day. The aim of this day is to defend that fun at work is fully compatible with professionalism and that good humour helps to have a higher productivity, as it encourages creativity and helps in decision making.

We take advantage of this celebration to tell you a little about the values that we share at Damavis and that we defend daily in our team:

From the moment someone new joins Damavis, we accompany him/her in the process of adaptation; not only with regard to the client, but also with regard to the work team. Getting to know their preferences, hobbies, habits, interests and concerns is the least we can do to help them feel comfortable and integrate with us.

The most important thing is about people

The most important thing is about people; their well-being inside and outside working hours is crucial for them to be able to give their best with us. What is the point of having the best data engineer or data scientist if they don’t also share the same values as the rest? We like to play with the analogy of the rotten apple in a basket of fruit: if there is a “bad” one, the rest of the fruit will spoil.

We are experts, we are professionals and above all, we are people. We share values, we have a life with good and bad days, and our goal as a team is to find the balance between all of this, so that the synergy does not disappear and the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of our work continues to shine.
We don’t have a physical office, but we still more than achieve our goal. How do we do it?

  • Daily online follow-up meetings, no more than 30 minutes long, to keep us up to date with all the progress of the projects and clients. This way we feel part of the process, and bring value (either with different points of view or new ideas) to the team.
    It should be added that, when the situation calls for it, the meetings sporadically turn into discussions of completely non-work-related topics.
  • One-to-one meetings. Our chatrooms and videoconference rooms are connected all day long with each other – it’s like a virtual office!
  • Monthly unofficial online meetings. Meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, laughing and disconnecting from work responsibilities together, reminds us that we are not only a team but also colleagues sharing a very special stage of our lives.
  • Outdoor activities, or not so outdoor: cars, excursions, dinners, paintball, role-playing games, helicopter rides, padel, beach volleyball… No need to name all the benefits: we add unforgettable moments to our collection of “team things”!

Find out more about us and our team at damavis.com

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So this was the summary of week 13 of this 2021. See you in networks!

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