Employment prospects in the ICT sector


Despite the uncertainty of 2023 regarding growth in the technology sector, data from a barometer on employability and digital talent has shown an increase in the search for talent by Spanish ICT companies.

Increased demand for specialized talents

The study, based on data from the European Commission, the INE and the Social Security and carried out by VASS and CEPREDE, highlights the good results obtained in the last 12 months in terms of employability in the sector: 40,642 new jobs compared to the previous year, with a total of 447,585 thousand people affiliated to the Spanish Social Security system.

This monthly report, TIC Monitor, highlights the growth of the employability climate indicator in Spain, which went from +23.4 to +37.9 points (on a scale of -100/+100), in contrast to expectations with respect to the European Union average.

If the accumulated numbers already showed an upward trend (between October 2021 and October 2022 there was a year-on-year increase of 7.8% in the search for technology professionals by companies in the sector), the level of recruitment has continued to maintain this upward trend.

In fact, the report also shows that almost 70% of Spanish ICT companies expect to increase their number of employees in the short term, improving on the outlook at the start of this year.

Expectations of economic growth

Another of the readings extracted from the study is the gradual but moderate rise in the business climate indicator, where we can observe the extent to which activity in the sector is expected to continue to grow.

The report concludes that, in Spain, this indicator shows a figure of +45 points, exceeding the European Union average of +28.6. On the other hand, more than 70% of the companies expect to continue increasing the volume of their activity in the short term.

Employment at Damavis

An example of this increase in the employability rate of organizations in the IT sector can be seen at Damavis. In the last year, we have added 10 new members to our team, with 2022 being the year in which our company has recruited the most people.

At Damavis we are committed to talent and training and, although we do not have open selection processes or active job offers, we are always open to meet new talents who want to build innovative and cutting-edge projects with us.

Currently, Data Engineer and Data Scientist profiles are in high demand in ICT companies. On our website, you can consult the functions and responsibilities of each area, as well as contact us in case you want to join our team, or do an internship to start your professional career at Damavis.


The data that are thrown on the growth of the employability and the activity in the sector of the technologies of the information in our country show an optimistic tendency for this 2023. Despite the uncertainty at the end of 2022, short-term expectations remain positive.

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