Damavis Summary of week 16, 2021

Weekly summary: Working at Damavis, the importance of open source software, and progress in artificial intelligence

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New update in our blog by our Data Scientist Head Daniel Bestard.

In this new article we briefly define what a pure data scientist does at Damavis, as well as sharing how useful it could be for a Damavis data scientist to have a good knowledge of data engineering.

“a good statistician is not the one who gives you the forecast, but the one who gives you an accurate confidence interval”


We are not a large company, so a very useful skill at Damavis is flexibility: having the ability to get involved in projects of different types. An example would be to be able to move from a statistical forecasting project to a big data application development project. This ability allows Damavis to easily and quickly adapt to the needs of our clients.

You can read the full article below, where we also detail what we value in a data scientist to have him/her in the team:

Working at Damavis

It should be noted that our team focuses on people; the good reconciliation of work, family and personal life of each one of us, assertiveness and the desire to learn and train daily.

If you are thinking of working with us, you need to understand how our team works:

  • We are all part of a goal. We are aware of what the goals are at each stage of the project, both those of our team and the rest of the team.
  • We have work teams, one dedicated to each client, although we share the daily progress with the rest of the team so that they are up to date on where we are and the next steps we are going to take.
  • We have a startup spirit, so among other things, teleworking is our daily routine. Face-to-face meetings are a one-time thing and are usually about meetings with clients.
  • Family, work and personal reconciliation is the priority for our team leaders, so we have total freedom to organize our work, as long as the objectives set are met.
  • Although we do not see each other personally, we are in constant communication with daily team meetings, where each team reports on the progress of the previous day. In addition, during the day, through video calls or chat, we continue to communicate with our colleagues.
    It is worth noting (as you can see in the image below) that on some Fridays of the month, our after-hours video calls become very special team moments:
  • The company’s commitment to each person is also reflected in the salary, which increases according to the ability to adapt to each of the projects developed.
  • In addition to the salary, the skills acquired at a professional level over time are compensated with opportunities for growth within the company, leading and managing clients, projects and teams with complete independence.
  • Knowledge is a key value, which is why we offer the possibility of trainings.
    One of our best practices is to share with our team everything we learn. Therefore, it is customary that once a training is finished, a brief presentation is made explaining what has been learned. This way we share knowledge with the team and add value to it.

We invite you to learn more about our company and its values by clicking below:

Seen on networks

During the week we share the most interesting news from the world of big data and artificial intelligence on our social networks: TwitterFacebookInstagram and Linkedin

Monkey MindPong

A truly amazing project, a breakthrough in neural technology!
Since the year 2019, the neurotechnology company Neuralink has been developing technology to better capture the brain activity of humans. The company founded by Elon Musk has succeeded in creating a connector through the skin coupled with wired leads as part of a robotics-based surgical approach and ultra low-power custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) toward the magnification and processing of neural signals.

You can read the full article below: Monkey MindPong

Moneky MindPong Project Video

Free software and Amazon

At Damavis we have a special devotion to free software , so we love to share news like this one:


the OpenSearch project is the new home for our previous distribution of Elasticsearch (Open Distro for Elasticsearch), which includes features such as enterprise security, alerting, machine learning, SQL, index state management, and more. All of the software in the OpenSearch project is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (ALv2).

Intel AI-Powered Backpack

Artificial intelligence (AI) developers designed an AI-powered, voice-activated backpack that can help the visually impaired navigate and perceive the world around them.

The full article follows:


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