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New update in our blog by our Data Scientist Carlos Rodríguez.

In recent years more and more companies are using machine learning and statistics to optimize their business processes. Survival analysis is a little known branch of statistics but it can be useful in many situations. In our new post Application of Survival Analysis to Price Changes we show some basic concepts of survival analysis and we see how it can be used in a real business situation.

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How to Make Sure Your Analysis Actually Gets Used

Few things are as demoralizing as seeing your data analysis tossed aside. Learn from these tips — assembled from experience, academic research, and industry best practice — on how to make sure your hard work receives the credit it deserves and delivers the value to your organization that you expect.

You can read the full article here: How to Make Sure Your Analysis Actually Gets Used

Role of Python in the Advancement of AI and ML

Here is an in-depth understanding of the role of Python in the advancement of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning)

Synthetic Data Vault (SDV)

A set of open source data generation tools called SDV

Top 3 Statistical Paradoxes in Data Science

It is not unusual to observe surprising phenomena such as sub-groups trends that are completely reverted in the aggregated data. In this article 3 most common kinds of statistical paradoxes encountered in Data Science are seen.

So this was the summary of week 15 of this 2021. See you in networks!

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